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Blocks 2 Pack with Strap - Extra Light Weight Sweat Repelling Foam Yoga Block Set with Cotton 8Ft Yoga Stretch Strap - Yoga Block and Strap Set Kit for Beginner to Pro - Exercise Accessories for Stretching, Balance and Strength

Blocks 2 Pack with Strap - Extra Light Weight Sweat Repelling Foam Yoga Block Set with Cotton 8Ft Yoga Stretch Strap - Yoga Block and Strap Set Kit for Beginner to Pro - Exercise Accessories for Stretching, Balance and Strength

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  • Highly Versatile: This premium yoga blocks 2 pack with strap is the ultimate yoga accessories kit due to its lightweight compact design. Whether stretching in the gym, meditating in the garden or working up a sweat with hot yoga, flexibility and support is guaranteed. Weighing only 7oz our yoga blocks 2 pack are an easy carry block set yoga tools solution. The 8ft yoga strap fits neatly into a pocket or your gym bag when out and about.
  • Giving You Support: At 4x6x9 inches, our non-slip yoga blocks are designed to challenge your poses and give stability. The solid foam blocks have gentle rounded edges to provide comfort with grip you can trust and can be rotated to flex the height your need for support and strengthening whatever your chosen pose.
  • Suitable For All Fitness Levels: This yoga blocks 2 pack with strap is a yoga equipment set that could be a Pilates blocks 2 pack with strap or for any exercise, from beginner to elite. Whatever your level, this yoga blocks 2 pack with strap enhances your practice.
  • Durable and Hygienic Technology : Unlike other stretching blocks, ours are made from non toxic, odorless, high density, EVA foam. Due to the closed cell design these water resistant yoga blocks 2 pack repel sweat to minimise sweat absorbency and avoid nasty smell build-ups. The non-toxic strap is 100% cotton woven with strength and resilience at its core, it is gentle on skin and recyclable. The fitness yoga strap rings are carefully looped to give movement comfort with tension you can trust!
  • Easy Clean: After practice simply wipe down the foam exercise blocks with water or if you need more of a clean use a mixture of soap and water. The yoga bricks can be dried with a towel or left to air dry. The strap is fully machine washable, what's not to love!
  • Happy Customer Guarantee: We want you to love these yoga blocks and strap set , giving you the best yoga accessories to support your yoga journey. If you decide you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, let us know and we’ll replace it or give you a full refund. Namaste

Product Description

Whatever your level, whether you’re just starting out on your yoga journey, or advancing to new poses, yoga blocks and a yoga strap will help to support you with extra balance, improve posture and help you into poses you only ever dreamed of.

All materials have been chosen for comfort, durability and support. Our blocks made from high density EVA foam, have a closed cell structure so don’t hold any smells, even straight out of the packaging. The yoga strap is made from thick 100% cotton with solid metal D-rings.

All of our products are considered with you in mind and have been designed, produced and tested by our experts, to ensure they provide the right comfort and support and can withstand vigorous daily practice.

Perfect for beginners, intermediate or advanced practice

If you’re a beginner, using blocks and straps can help you into positions safely and holding poses for longer while you develop your flexibility. They can help you maintain the appropriate posture if you can’t quite reach the floor. The blocks are 4"x6"x9" and be used on any side to flex to the height you need. The 8ft strap helps you to gently ease yourself into positions you can’t quite reach at the beginning, without straining or losing balance.

If you’re more advanced in your practice, blocks and straps can help to support with balance and to modify more difficult poses and help with maintaining your posture and alignment.

Easy to care for

Your blocks can be wiped down with just water, or soap and water. Simply dry off with a towel or leave to air dry. The strap is fully machine washable.

Improve and Extend Your Yoga Practice

Lightweight & Portable

Our blocks are super light at just 7oz, perfect for taking to your local gym, studio or heading to a retreat. They’re also perfect for home use.

Increase flexibility with a strap

Using straps can help ease you into positions you can’t yet reach on your own and increase your flexibility.

Challenge yourself with new poses

As your practice evolves, yoga blocks can support with posture and alignment for more advanced poses.

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