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Linear Bearing Smith Machine

Linear Bearing Smith Machine

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Heavy-duty Steel Build|700lb Capacity|Olympic Bar Glides

Deltech Fitness Linear Smith Machine - For Endurance

Build muscle strength with the Deltech Fitness DF4900 smith machine. Robust steel construction and superior craftsmanship make this device a reliable and smooth-operating machine for home workouts. Boasting an impressive weight capacity of 700lb, this machine can handle any exercise routine without breaking a sweat. The machine's rear plate holders make it easy to load and unload weights. Designed with a pull-up bar, this fitness equipment can be upgraded for additional functionality.

  • The Deltech Fitness DF4900 smith machine is designed with remarkable commercial-grade strength and quality, for home use
  • Crafted from heavy-duty steel, this machine lasts long and operates smoothly
  • Having an impressive weight capacity of 700lb, this fitness equipment can handle any workout without compromising on performance
  • The Olympic bar glides effortlessly along 4 precision linear roller bearings that move on polished solid steel bars, offering a free weight experience while ensuring safety and stability.
  • Moves smoothly, replicating the feel of free weights while maintaining the security of a smith machine
  • Rear plate holders are added to the machine's back for convenient loading and unloading of weights
  • Designed with a pull-up bar and provisions for additional upgrade 
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