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Squat Pad, Barbell Pad, Foam Sponge Pad, Squat Bar Neck Pad, Training Weightlifting Cushion Women & Men for Lunges, Squats and Hip Thrusts

Squat Pad, Barbell Pad, Foam Sponge Pad, Squat Bar Neck Pad, Training Weightlifting Cushion Women & Men for Lunges, Squats and Hip Thrusts

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  • Portable Size: Measuring 17.4” × 3.74”, helps you focus and push the limits, fits almost standard Olympic sizes weightlifting barbell bars and Smith Machine bar. Lightweight and travel-friendly size make portability a breeze to and from the gym.
  • Premium quality: 1.3 inch thick high-density durable foam sponge pad, absorbing all shocks for increased comfort and reduced injury during deep movements such as squats, lunges and hip thrusts, and workout easily.
  • Ergonomic Design: Ergonomic neck groove is designed to absorb the impact on the neck, shoulders and buttocks, helping to avoid bruising, provide comfort and promote good shape. Securing straps are included to fix the pad in its place and prevent any slippage. Easily installation and removal.
  • Whole body exercise: safety barbell squat pad for men and women bring your weight lifting to the next level. Ideal for assisting in P90x, powerlifting weightlifting, Yoga, Insanity, Pilates, and beach body workouts.
  • Guarantee: 60-days free return and 18-month replacement warranty. Please feel free to contact us with any product questions.

Product Description

Workout comfortably and more safety with the Fragraim Squat Bar Pad!

The Advanced Squat Pad by Fragraim is an ergonomic barbell pad designed to fit over any standard or Olympic barbell that allows for increased comfort and reduced injury to the neck, upper back, and lower back while performing squats and lunges.


  • 17.4” × 3.74” exercise back pad can fit all most standard Olympic sizes barbell bars.
  • 2 safety straps closure keeps barbell pad in place & prevent injury.
  • Quick-Slip design for easy and fast installation on any barbell.
  • Anti-slip matte finish to reduce the risk of slippage and increase grip on the shoulders.
  • Made from thick high-density foam rubber for increased durability.
  • Suitable for protecting your shoulders and neck while doing squats, hip thrusts and lunges.
  • Lightweight and portable, perfect for on-the-go, in the studio, or at home use.
  • Allows you to focus on your workout without pain.

1.3 Thick Padding

17.4” × 3.74”x 1.3” thick padding fits perfectly on standard Olympic size barbell bars. Provides relief to neck and shoulders while training.

Ergonomic Squat Shoulder Pad

Included 2 Hook and Loop Straps, that keep the bar on the weighted bar in place without slipping.

5 Colors Available

High-density foam barbell padding absorbs all shocks for increased comfort and reduced spinal injury during squats, lunges & hip thrusts.

Installation Guide for Weight Bar Pad

Simple to install slide-on design. Attaches firmly and easily on barbells to enhance safety factor.


  • Dimensions: 17.4" x 3.74" x 1.3"
  • Included: 2 securing straps and a sponge pad
  • Material: sponge
  • Color: available in Red, Pink, Grey, black, purple
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Material Made of mercerized cotton, breathable, moisture proof. Filled with the iron shot. Durable High density EVA foam Made with durable and stretchy mercerized cotton for exercise, and moisture absorbing material inside, soft, breathable and comfortable to wear. Thick high-density durable foam, wrapped in breathable nylon padding. Made from durable polyethylene vinyl material. Made from durable polyethylene vinyl material.
Specification Color-coded progressive wrist/ankle weight, from 1lbs to 10lbs. 9"L x 6"w x 4"D 5 individual sandbags in each pack, each bag weighs 0.5 lbs, total weights can be adjusted from 1-5 lbs pair for increased resistance. 17.4” × 3.74”x 1.3” thick Size - measures 12 inches in height, 6.7 inches in diameter. Size - measures 9 inches in height, 5.5 inches in diameter.
Feature Metal D-ring + adjustable velcro band: allow snug fit and easy removal. Elongated design, smooth convergence for comfort. Beveled Edges for comfortable grip Help increase lower body strength, burn calories and fat, rehabilitate muscles, improve balance and flexibility, and coordination for physical therapy. Ergonomic design extra would offer comfort and pressure relief, helpful for keeping a firm grip on the barbell. Multipurpose: 12" high field cone markers perfect as soccer cones, agility and fitness marker cones. Multipurpose: 9"high field cone markers perfect as soccer cones, agility and fitness marker cones.
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